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Автор Тема: QUALITY AND QUANTITY  (Прочитано 94 раз)

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Quality and quantity, along with selecting the right feed, play an important part in maximizing an increase in weight. Your feed should be low in fiber. It takes considerable energy for pigs to digest fiber. Types Of Pig Feed The more calories burned in high-fiber diets, the less calories a pig absorbs, and the less there is available to turn into growth.

Selecting the right protein source is necessary for maximum weight gain, too. Thus, the protein should be high in the amino acids and peptides that pigs need for growth. They are the structural units of protein, not just crude protein. More importantly, amino acids are required in all stages of a pig’s life to continue to grow muscle and weight, and enable normal body function.

Corn FeedThough cereal grains and corn are a necessary energy source, they are a crude source of protein and deficient in essential amino acids for pigs. Protein supplements combined with cereal grains can provide the correct amount of amino acids. Combining soybean meal with grains or corn will make sure your pigs have the amino acids they need. Of all the plant proteins, in terms of quality amino acid content, soybean meal alone compares with animal protein. In fact, it can be used as the sole protein based ingredient in most swine diets.  Also, of all the plant-based meals high in amino acids, soybean meal is the most economical.
poultry feed manufacturing machine


« : 13 Март 2023, 13:42:37 »


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