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Автор Тема: Fiber laser pipe cutting machine for metal fabrication in pakistan  (Прочитано 245 раз)

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In recent years, the development momentum of laser cutting equipment is very strong. Many Pakistani customers have used laser series processing equipment. At present, laser cutting is widely used in the pipe processing industry. Laser pipe cutting machines on the market can be divided into two types: plate and pipe all-in-one machines and professional pipe cutting machines. The laser tube cutting machine uses computer-aided design software for graphic design and imports it into the cutting machine’s operating system, which can automatically cut and maximize the speed of manufacturing projects. Usually, the operating system contains a database with key information such as the material type, thickness and geometry of the pipe. The real difference of the laser pipe cutting machine lies in the cutting accuracy, which adopts chuck type and push type cutting methods, with high centering accuracy and processing accuracy; due to the improvement of modern laser cutting machines, it involves the industrial manufacturing of small diameter pipes. Applications are greatly accelerated. The laser pipe cutting machine can make corresponding adjustments according to these deformations to ensure the accuracy of pipe cutting, which is impossible for many traditional processes.

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