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Автор Тема: What are the basic principles of biomass gasification?  (Прочитано 293 раз)

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What are the basic principles of biomass gasification?
« : 31 Январь 2023, 09:17:04 »
Biomass energy is an ideal renewable energy source. Due to the characteristics of wide distribution and environmental protection, it has attracted more and more attention from all over the world. Biomass gasification technology is a way to use biomass energy. Biomass energy refers to various organisms produced by photosynthesis. Photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide in the air and water in the soil to convert absorbed solar energy into carbon water. compounds and oxygen. Biomass usually includes several types of agricultural waste, wood and forest industry waste, poultry manure, urban domestic waste, and energy crops. Biomass energy has the following characteristics: it belongs to renewable energy, which can ensure the sustainable utilization of energy; there are many types and wide distribution, which is convenient for local utilization and various utilization forms; related technologies are mature and storable; good energy saving and environmental protection effects .
The working principle of biomass gasification is to use oxygen or oxygenates in the air as a gasification agent, and convert the combustible part of biomass fuel into combustible gas (mainly hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane) under high temperature conditions. reaction.

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What are the basic principles of biomass gasification?
« : 31 Январь 2023, 09:17:04 »


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