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Автор Тема: Benefits of floating fish feed?  (Прочитано 266 раз)

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Benefits of floating fish feed?
« : 04 Ноябрь 2022, 08:10:12 »

The extruded floating fish food
 can float on water for long periods of time. This allows fish owners to monitor the condition of their fish and adjust their feeding amounts accordingly. Breeders can quickly calculate how much bait is needed based on the species, specifications, amount, water temperature, bait rate, and other factors. This saves time and increases labor productivity.
The feed's starch is subject to high temperatures and high pressure processing conditions. These conditions are more favorable to digestion and absorption. The fiber structure and cell walls are also destroyed and softened. In soybeans, the gossypol (cottonseed meal) and antitrypsin (soybeans) are removed. This improves the digestibility and palatability of the feed. The extruded feed produces powder in a fraction of 1% due to chemical and physical changes. This directly increases the feed's effectiveness. Extruded floating feed can be used to raise fish in normal conditions and saves between 5-10% on feed when compared to powdered feed or pellet feed.
Extruded floating fish food will not dissolve in water for long periods of time. High-quality floating fish food can last up to 12 hours. It is easy to control and monitor the bait and reduce or eliminate the effects of residual bait and powder on the water. This is a great benefit for the environment and the growth of fish.


Benefits of floating fish feed?
« : 04 Ноябрь 2022, 08:10:12 »


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