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WoW WotLK Classic: Medicated Chopper
« : 09 Август 2022, 11:18:41 »
The Roboengineer's Chopper is a motorcycle stand designed by the Union's finest engineers. With this vehicle, a group member can ride on a sidecar. It's one of the few mounts that can be bought on the auction house, and given the price of the materials required to craft it, it usually costs a lot of gold. The phylogenetic counterpart is the fire chair. If you build one of the two cars, you will get the achievement on the track!

To activate the helicopter's sidecar and take a passenger, simply invite the player to join a group. When the player hovers over the helicopter, the player's mouse pointer turns into a green assembly arrow. When he clicks on it, the sidecar automatically extends and the player jumps in. Please note that if you are in a raid group, your co-pilot must be in the same group as you (1, 2, 3, etc.) in order to board the support vehicle.

Schematic of the dosing chopper/fire chair
The Robot Engineer's Helicopter or Fire Chair can be crafted by an engineer with skill level 450, but is available to all players. Engineers with high prestige can purchase this blueprint from their respective Northrend faction (price: 400 gold coins, no prestige discount). For Alliance this is the Alliance Outpost camp, for Horde this is the Horde Expedition camp.

Setup: Medic's Chopper
Structure: fire chair
Components of the Medic's Chopper / Fire Chair
Motorcycles are assembled from refined metals that can be farmed and parts that can be sourced from suppliers, with the latter accounting for most of the manufacturing cost.

The following items can be purchased from vendors.

1x Recycled Black Iron Parts
8x Gnome mechanical pistons
1x Source Refined Exhaust
These components can be purchased from Roxi Rammrocket, Cold Weather Flight Trainer in Storm Peak K3 for a total of 12,500 gold coins and are only sold to Engineers who can craft the item. There is no prestige discount on these parts!
Engineers can also salvage some expensive, purchasable components from Odur's mechanical creature handlers!
The following parts can be crafted by Engineers or purchased on the Auction House.

40x A cobalt screw
The following parts can be purchased from the skinner or the auction house.

2x Arctic Fur
The following parts can be mined, smelted and refined by the miners themselves, or purchased from the auction house.

12x Titanium Ingots
Important instructions
Titanium Steel is smelted with a cooldown time of 20 hours, meaning a single miner can only make about 1 Titanium Steel Ingot per day from 3 ingots.

If you have an alchemist on hand, or even own one, you can further speed up the process of creating titanium ingots, which are typically smelted from rare titanium ores, by converting them. These can be crafted relatively cheaply from 2 Cobalt Bars, 8 Saronite Bars, and 2 Crystalline Life, but the Transmutation has a very high 4 day cooldown.

On the other hand, when transmuting Titan, there is a high chance of learning a new elemental transformation (e.g. from Eternal Earth to Eternal Air) or an additional Titanium Ingot (Transformation Master). The newly learned elemental transformations make the profession of alchemist much easier once the skill level exceeds 400.

The auction house achieved a correspondingly high price for the venerable titanium steel rods. Back then, 1 titanium steel bar cost around 200-300 gold coins, while all 12 bars cost between 2,400 and 3,600 gold coins. If you add the merchant parts mentioned above, as well as the cobalt bolts and arctic fur, the raw material cost is around 16,000 wotlk classic gold coins.
 Technically this model is obsolete, but a robotic helicopter or fireman's chair with the distinctive "PWN" license plate is still very popular!


WoW WotLK Classic: Medicated Chopper
« : 09 Август 2022, 11:18:41 »

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Re: WoW WotLK Classic: Medicated Chopper
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