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Автор Тема: Incorporating human judgement into a grading system  (Прочитано 185 раз)

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Incorporating human judgement into a grading system
« : 14 Февраль 2022, 09:16:55 »

Incorporating human judgement into a grading system isn't necessarily bad. Daniel Sorensen is a good example. The player is having a difficult season as a player for The Kansas City Chiefs, and Sorensen is a major factor in their defense's surrender of 69.5 points that was more than Mut 22 coins expected this year. They rank 31st in the league. The performance of Sorensen has earned him an overall coverage grade at 42.2 per cent points from Pro Football Focus and an overall score of 35.5. But despite his struggles, Sorensen still appears speedy! Based on his speed on the field as determined by player tracking data, we'd expect an unrestricted model-based speed grade for Sorensen of around 89, about 7 points more than Madden's grade for Week 9 of 82. Perhaps the folks at EA are loath to give a player having a similar performance to Sorensen with a top score in a crucial area like speed score, as it can have such a huge impact on the game. If that's the case you can't blame them.

Other notable outliers include Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who is the highest speed rating in the entire game of Madden at 99. Hill certainly is quick, and we may be getting a bit heated here However, his career-high speed of 22.8 mph is good for just fourth in the league since 2017.3 Furthermore, his current weekly average speed of 22.8 mph is very respectable but doesn't even crack those top 50.

Two Baltimore Ravens teammates also make the list, as slightly underrated speedsters. Lamar Jackson appears to be slowing down this season maybe due to ongoing injuries to his back. His max speed for a game of 19.4 mph last year was nearly a mile per hour faster than his speed this season. Madden does not seem to care, however. The speed score of 96 Madden offers Lamar at the halfway point of the year is 11 points more than the model-based score.4

Middle linebacker Patrick Queen is a stronger case of overrating. The 2020 first-round selection's speed data is not as high as mmoexp madden 22 coins what EA usually requires from an athlete with 90 speeds, and Queen has experienced a slowdown in his second season, having a maximum speed per game of just 17.1 mph for 2021.


Incorporating human judgement into a grading system
« : 14 Февраль 2022, 09:16:55 »


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