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Автор Тема: Slayer can help you make a modest profit once you sign up  (Прочитано 509 раз)

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Slayer can help you make a modest profit once you sign up
« : 08 Февраль 2022, 10:15:09 »

Following, the primary PK'ing process and cheap OSRS GP making money. First , the account you're looking at you're creating is known as a "MAIN" (although isn't normally used in caps :o ) which means that you train all of the skillsand generally try to max out. Making a PK as a main not hard, and DOESN'T take specific skill requirements (unless you created a PVM ACCOUNT. (PvM is, in fact is Player versus Monster that is, an account that is primarily designed for killing monsters) But what I'm referring to is that PvP in mains is pretty easy to do.

Just make sure it is greater than your defense and attack by approximately 5-10 levels. Then, be ready for vengeance and turmoil. I'm aware that these are words used by many players and I'd advise against ignoring my advice here until you've hit 120 CB and know what 'Vengeance' , 'Turbulence' and are. (You PvP lurkers - feel at ease to slam me as I'm expecting it. My preparation was by taking a bucket of water.)

In the next step, monkey making truthfully, a lot of how the majority of Sal's players earned their money is outdated or requires higher stats. Some things I'm pretty certain are reasonable - for starters your pottery equipment will earn you around 50K per hour, which is just right for your level (fun point - I never have more then 100K until I was level 63. So, before you think you're in poor shape, think of the broken me some years back).

Slayer can help you make a modest profit buy OSRS gold once you sign up. Additionally, mining pure essence (requiring 30 Mining) isn't bad at all, likely to yield around 1.5x making soft clay. This is why I would suggest PK'ing by the way , when you've reached 100 CB you'll require more and more cash, which can be quite awkward because you don't have the skills to take on the world (killing the most powerful monsters for huge profit) But you'll still need plenty of cash for equipment.


Slayer can help you make a modest profit once you sign up
« : 08 Февраль 2022, 10:15:09 »


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