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Автор Тема: Why You Should Use Rubber Mulch  (Прочитано 1369 раз)

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Why You Should Use Rubber Mulch
« : 24 Ноябрь 2021, 09:41:45 »

Homeowners need to replace wood mulch regularly because it is a biodegradable product. The small wood chips absorb water when it rains, endure the sun’s heat, and suffer the freeze-thaw cycle in the bitter cold of winter. All these elements combine to break apart the wood until it eventually becomes indistinguishable from the underlying soil.

Rubber mulch is not biodegradable. It is the end product of a waste tire recycling plant. These recyclers take whole tires that would otherwise sit in a landfill for decades and process them into clean chips of wire-free rubber. tyre shredding machine for sale The rubber from car and truck tires is made to endure harsh conditions, and most producers say their product will last 10 or more years without needing to be replaced or refreshed.

Low Maintenance
In addition to being non-biodegradable, rubber mulch is heavy. It weighs more than wood mulch. It will not wash down the sidewalk even after a heavy rainstorm, the way that wood mulch is prone to do. Because you never have to replace it or add to it, you don’t have to keep buying mulch for your yard year after year. While it may cost more upfront to install, this mulch type is a one-time purchase, which reduces the long-term cost to you for attractive ground cover. businessplanfor.com


Why You Should Use Rubber Mulch
« : 24 Ноябрь 2021, 09:41:45 »


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