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Автор Тема: Retired NHL linesman sam Christison inactive on 70  (Прочитано 7639 раз)

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Retired NHL linesman sam Christison inactive on 70
« : 07 Май 2018, 11:32:23 »
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3 myths about smartphone batteries that need to die

It can takes years to be promoted. 9 points  submitted 15 days agoIt the future of retail. I helped open a store that had them and from the opinions I got there, the CSS could not stand them. This would have given "Attack +80% at start of turn" and "attack +100% during super attack" actually be a genuine, meaningful difference, one in which you gotta decide if your team is built to make that extra 20% worth it or not. Or with leader skills, do you go with the ki +1, attack +50% leader or the ki +2, attack +30% leader? Or go with the no ki, attack and defense +80% leader? Actual choice and strategy with so much room to mess around with. 1 point  submitted 1 year agoTrying this again, this time making sure I hit save on the public box option, lol.Ok, so my STR box has gotten quite a lot of good units, and I just don know anymore what would make the most optimal team Here the box with only the units I felt would matter for the discussion.


Retired NHL linesman sam Christison inactive on 70
« : 07 Май 2018, 11:32:23 »


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